marcaeoloG blog post 1

Meeting your hero is hard. I know it always was for me. I have had several heroes over the years, few of them famous enough to be recognized by the public at large and yet, to me, they were iconic. I treasured every minute spent in their presence and remembered many small details of those meetings for years afterwards. One of them is pictured in silhouette in the photo I have included.

Heroes are important. We must be able to look up to someone and think, “That is who I want to be like.”

And yet they are dangerous too. If our faith is misplaced, if our icon is not the least bit heroic, our resulting pursuit toward echoing the ideas and actions of this individual may lead to serious consequences.

Tomorrow our current resident of the White House in Washington D.C. meets his personal hero. He will walk into a room and shake hands with the man he most wishes to emulate. There is no way we can know exactly what he is feeling but I can make an educated guess.

First, he will hang on his every word. He will notice the changes in expression, the actions, the tenor of his voice with everything his hero says. He will read into it actions that bespeak their shared experiences, their commonality.

Perhaps most importantly, he will see their meeting as one of equals, two great leaders discussing how to divide the world equitably between the two of them. Of course the reality is nothing like that but that will not matter. It is how it will be perceived by the Resident.

His hero is everything he wishes to be. He is popular, as judged by his own  polls, which is all our Resident cares about. He is phenomenally wealthy, primarily by his misuse of power and by destroying his competitors but again, our Resident will laud such tactics as brilliant. And most importantly, his hero completely controls all the official forms of news and information in his own country.

Here is where the greatest danger lies.

The Resident will return to us even more assured that his plan to undermine the free press is justified. It is critical for him to gain total dominance of all the forms of information that is seen daily by the people of our country.

Make no mistake, this is his intent. It is up to us to prevent it. Do not stand idly by. Pay attention! Resist!


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